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Can't get into your car or locked apartment? Most likely, you have lost or maybe blocked the keys, or the lock is broken. There may be many reasons, they may be different, but there are only a few ways out of this situation.

You can:

Contact an emergency service, and a locksmith on the road will quickly solve your problems with the lock in your car or house;
Buy a decoder lock pick or other appropriate equipment for opening.
We know that in such a situation every second counts, so you need to act in a coordinated and prompt manner.

Locksmithing private business
Or maybe you yourself have decided to open a private business and become a professional locksmith, which with great skill, with modern equipment - decoder multilock - and skills in the field of emergency opening of cars will unlock any lock, of course, at the request of the car owner. And it will allow the grateful client to quickly return to the planned activities.

Every locksmith service should be performed accurately and neatly, which in the case of emergency penetration into the interior of the car means: it will be done in an adequate and safe manner, avoiding damage to both the lock itself and the paintwork. After all, subsequent repairs can be very expensive.

Quick emergency opening of the car or apartment
And here the decoder for locks - to the aid! The work time of the locksmith, who takes on an emergency car opening, depends on the type of problem with the lock, as well as the device itself (mechanisms of the old type and the central lock protection unlock differently). However, you can be sure that the work will be done very quickly and without unnecessary costs to repair the lock - if you have at hand a decoder lock.

Emergency opening of apartments and cars will take exactly as much time as the professional work of good modern equipment. If you want to quickly solve the problem with the blocked lock of the car or apartment, you need to buy lock picks or electronic turbo decoder, or better - both devices.

Where to buy?
You can buy a decoder in Kiev in our online store "Medvezhatnik". Our service is focused on the consumer and small private business. We offer buyers only the most modern equipment, tested by experts and ready to work. You can buy a decoder and immediately use it if you need it urgently.

Our prices are reasonable and adequate, slightly lower than the average for this market sector. The online store "Bearcatcher" gives its customers a number of advantages and offers promotions and discounts. The priority is the most modern service for the buyer and comfortable fast delivery in Kiev and all over Ukraine. Call our "emergency service" for customers: reliable lock service "Medvezhatnik" works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We also specialize in emergency opening and repair of locks and other locksmith services, including assembly, replacement or sale of various locking devices.