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Having the "right" tool in the arsenal of any lock can be opened so as not to leave any damage on it. This is exactly the purpose for which the lock picks offered by "Medvezhatnik" are designed.

In our store you can buy lock picks of all kinds, shapes and functions. The range includes lock picks from different manufacturers:

decoders and autodecoders;
Self-impressors and speed-walkers;
set keys and lishi;
Multitools and sets of lock picks.
And many other things that will help you to open entrance doors, car doors and safes quickly and easily.

Store "Medvezhatnik" in Kiev - the largest marketplace in Ukraine, where you can find any lock picks for locks of domestic and foreign production. This is a real "Klondike", where you can find the most different tools for "safecracker".

Any door can be opened without any difficulty
Cleaners are a necessary and popular tool among locksmiths, car mechanics and locksmiths. These craftsmen always have universal lock picks (for example, jiggle picks), which you can also find at Bearcatcher.

Universal picks are suitable for opening different kinds of locks, but you should understand that working with the tool requires certain skills. If you want to learn how to work with picks, we recommend taking a lockmaster course from "Bearcatcher" to get the basic knowledge and practical skills of opening locks without a key.

How to find the right tool?
It is not so easy to buy high-quality lockpicks in Ukraine as it seems. Not every seller is ready to guarantee product's reliability and efficiency.

We cooperate only with the reliable manufacturers and proven suppliers, so the quality of our products is not doubtful. Many of our buyers have long become regular customers, because they know that our products have the best price-quality ratio.

We offer a set of lock picks to buy in Ukraine at the best prices. Similar products (of the same quality) in other outlets of the country will cost much more expensive, all our regular customers know about it.

In our catalog you will find a variety of tools for opening locks:

endoscopes and even training locks.
On the pages of our catalog we have prepared information that will help you choose the right product, but if this information is not enough, please contact the managers of our store by phone, in social networks or online by filling out the form on the website.

Lever locks are not the problem for a good picklock
Lever locks are notable for their reliability, simplicity and high break-in resistance. These locks are often installed on the entrance door. Many people think that if you lose the key of the deadbolt lock it will be impossible to get in without a brute force burglary. There is some truth in this, but as we know nothing is impossible for a locksmith.

"Bearcatcher" offers in its assortment of picks for suvald locks:

self-impression (CIS);
self-impression (Italy);
set keys and hooks;
wrenches and snares;
master key sets for suvald.
Lockspins for automobile locks
Modern cars are equipped with reliable "smart" locks. If you need to perform an emergency opening, a lock pick will help you with this task. We have a wide range of these products in our assortment as well.

We regularly refill the shelves of our store with new items. Choose one, place your order and we'll promptly deliver the goods to your destination.