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Lucky Locks turbodecoders

There's something new every day.

Today the tool under the general brand Turbo Decoder has already become a kind of benchmark in the locksmith profession, and anyone can buy a Turbo Decoder. The manufacturing company has gone from research, development and design to international sales of this kind of tools, including purchase training. Currently, you can buy a decoder of this plan directly on our website, in the online store "Bearcatcher".

What we offer to our customers
First of all it is an opportunity to buy turbo decoder lock online. We provide the safest and fastest delivery by courier and postal services. We have the opportunity to meet our suppliers live by attending important trade shows on the topic of locksmith safety. In addition, aspiring entrepreneurs, locksmiths, can view an extensive catalog of relevant products that will help them in their individual work. These include locking devices themselves, lucky locks turbodecoders, lock picks and other important accessories for emergency emergency opening. We cooperate with companies-manufacturers directly, without unnecessary intermediaries, therefore the cost of the offered positions is the lowest in the region.

A little history
Lucky Locks AD (Turbo Decoder) was founded in 2009. Since then it has become a leader in the field of picklocks. Its main engineering goal was and still is to develop innovative tools for emergency unlocking, locksmith services, and locking systems for cars and homes. It began its professional path with the so-called doppia mappa grimaldello set for unlocking Italian mortise locks, also known as Grimaldello Bulgaro or Double Bit Locks. Then engineers developed and created unique tools for non-traumatic opening of high-security locks such as Abloy Protec and Gerda Tytan ZX.

And they didn't stop on their way, but took the business even further. They did it by developing automatic tools for quick unlocking and decoding car locks, known as TURBO DECODER, for brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Opel and others.

Since its founding in 2009 the products of the manufacturing company have completely changed the level of automobile and household locksmith services not only in Bulgaria (the country of incorporation of the company) but all over the world. All products are protected by patents and trademarks and have high reliability and durability in operation.

Where to buy a turbo decoder
Anyone 18 years of age or older can place orders on our website, and there are no legal restrictions on the purchase of any of the locksmith tools presented in the catalog. But it must be remembered: it is the customer's sole responsibility to check whether his purchase of any of the locksmith tools is legal according to the relevant national legislation. The prices of turbo decoders are very tempting - we constantly have promotions and discounts.