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Self-Impression (CIS)

There's something new every day.

Self-expression is one of the most popular tools for unlocking lever locks. In our store in assortment the qualitative tools made with observance of production technologies, passed careful control and check by professionals are presented.

We try to make ordering in "Medvezhatnik" quick and easy, so we have developed a site oriented to the needs of the client. Before you buy a self-impression key, study all of Bearcatcher's offerings to find the best option for your needs.

Many lock picks for deadbolt locks are offered in the kit, but if you need additional tools, you can choose from the catalog:

self-pressure pins;
training locks;
handles, etc.
Sophisticated product search interface
All products are categorized in the catalog. The "Self-Impression" section contains all the tools you need to open lever locks. A separate page is allotted to each item where the information is placed, allowing to estimate the product, compare it with other models and make a choice on the basis of the received data. We give the buyer a full description:

cost, etc.
Self-expression keys for sublead locks require certain skills to work. Many people think it is enough to watch a video on the Internet to open locks on the first try. But it's not as easy as it may seem. We recommend a professional approach, that is why we have organized locksmith courses where we give our customers the basic knowledge and skills to work with different locks.

Advantages of CIS-made self-impression
not only qualified locksmiths but also beginners in the profession can use the tool;
quality of self-impression lockpicks and other tools is equal to the European quality;
the tool comes for sale already tuned and requires only individual "adjustment";
masters appreciate self-impression (CIS) for the ratio of high quality with affordable prices.
Self-impression lock picks in our store are offered at very attractive prices. We cooperate with manufacturers directly and trust only proven reliable suppliers of products. That's why "Medvezhatnik" can guarantee excellent quality products (with a 30-day return policy) without overpricing.

Our store has top quality locksmith equipment and tools. Always in a wide range of not only self-impressors, but also decoders, locksmith speedwalker, pump tool, safe opening tools and much more.

We offer favorable conditions for wholesale buyers, encourage regular customers, counting on long-term cooperation. Promptly make orders and deliver not only in Ukraine but also abroad.