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Emergency opening of car locks, entrance doors and safes in Kiev


(093) 300-84-10

The cost of the service depends on the difficulty of the lock, your location and the time of the call - starts from 500 UAH

Our advantages:

Round-the-clock service
High skill of specialists (many years of experience)
Safety of locks and doors - opening without damage or replacement of the core

Price - from 500 UAH

Price - from 500 UAH

Kiev districts in which we are going: Desnyansky (Bykivnya, Troeshchyna, Lesnoy), Darnitsky (Kharkiv array, New Darnitsa, Osokorki, Poznyaki, Bortnitchi), Dneprovsky (Left Bank array, Komsomolsky array, Rainbow, Rusanovka, Sotsgorodok, DVRZ, Nikolskaya Slobodka, Resurrection, Staraya Darnitsa, Bereznyaki), Solomensky (Zhulyany, Pervomaysky, Otradny, Karavaevi Dachi, Solomenka, Chokolovka, Kadetsky Gai, Shulyavka, Aleksandrovskaya Suburb, Zheleznodorozhny, Protasov Yar), Obolonsky (Minsky district, Obolon, Priorka, Vyshgorodsky district, Kurenivka), Holosiyivsky (Demiyevka, Sapernaya Slobodka, Teremki-1, Teremki-2, Goloseevo, Goloseevsky Center, Korchevatoe, Feofania, University Town, Myshelovka, Bagrinova Hill), Pechersky (center, Zverinets, Lipki, Pechersk, Black Mountain, Upper Telichka), Podolsky (Mostitsky, Podol, Windy Gory, Kurenivka, Vinogradar, Priorka, Rybalsky Island, Nivki), Shevchenko (Nivki, Shevchenko (KPI), Lukyanovka, Syrets, Tatarka, Shevchenko (center), Shulyavka), Svyatoshensky (Belichy, Svyatoshino, Novobelichy, Akademgorodok, Borschagovka, Syrets, Galagan, Katerinovka, Nivki).

Emergency opening of the locks in Kiev
Urgent emergency opening of the locks, this service is resorted to by hundreds of users daily. Emergency car opening, unlocking doors and safes - all this is a daily work for the service emergency opening locks and doors Kiev, all this is our work.

Loss of keys or a broken lock are situations faced by many users. Emergency car opening is also no exception. Despite all the automation, sometimes users simply lose the keys with the chip, and then they need help with emergency door opening, and we are ready to provide it.

Emergency opening of locks and emergency door opening in Kiev is the service we provide to our clients. Due to availability of the up-to-date equipment and skills of our staff you will be able to get home even if the lock is broken and the keys are lost. 

What services our clients can order
Our company specializes in manufacturing and fitting keys for all current locks. By contacting us or visiting our office you may order manufacturing of keys for your car or duplicate keys for your apartment, but the list of services of our company does not end there. 

Emergency car door opening in Kiev
Emergency car door opening is one of our most popular services. Often users forget the keys to the car inside the car itself and then resort to our help. Using our knowledge and advanced equipment we can guarantee our customers the following:

After performing the opening of the lock, you will not find the slightest trace of our professional activity on the paintwork of the car. This is made possible by the use of professional equipment, developed specially for urgent emergency opening of locks with minimal damage both to the lock itself and to the door in which it is installed.
We guarantee that the lock in your car will be opened and the paint will remain undamaged. This is important due to the costs incurred, such as those associated with daily use of the car. Our specialists work with gloves on, and all tools are designed for painstaking work without any damage to your property.
Emergency opening of car locks in Kiev, produced by our masters, does not cause unexpected charges, because it is performed without any losses. Fast, efficient, unobtrusive - this is how we do each order entrusted to us.
Emergency car opening, this is the service that is most in demand, but it is not the only one in our arsenal.

Unlocking and replacement of the apartment locks: Emergency opening of the locks and doors call master Kiev
If after a walk along the night sky in Kiev, you suddenly noticed that the keys from your apartment you left in a bar or a guest, and you need to get into the apartment right now - you can resort to the service emergency opening of the door locks. 

Emergency door lock opening is the second most popular service that we provide to our clients. If you are located in Svyatoshinsky or Podolsky regions of Kiev and have lost the keys to your apartment, our emergency door locks and doors opening service is ready to help you. The emergency service opening locks in Kiev is a team of specialists with years of experience. Our arsenal of professional equipment and experience, which allows us to ensure that you will not find the slightest scratch on the door fittings.

We have professional equipment and experience in our arsenal, which allows us to guarantee that you will not find the slightest scratch on the door hardware. We work without breakage, quickly and, importantly for our customers, around the clock. Emergency opening is one of our specialties. Therefore, we recommend you to use our services, the cost, which is not high.

But the emergency opening of the door locks is not the last service in our arsenal, because we also deal with safes.

Unlocking and selection of keys for safes - quickly and qualitatively
A safe is a device where users store items that are especially valuable to them. This could be money, jewelry or paintings. Safes are set up so that no one can break into them, but sometimes users simply lose their keys. How to be in such a situation?

One way is just to accept it and hope that someday you will find the keys from the safe or resort to professionals. Our company produces and supplies keys for all modern locks including those for the locks installed in the safes. Due to the high level of professionalism of our employees we are able to guarantee the efficiency of our work and opening of locks in the shortest time possible.

Emergency lock opening service in Kiev is a locksmith company that has been working in the market for 10 years. During this time we have served many customers who are satisfied with our services. We know our business: service "Medvezhatnik" locks open professionally - of course, only at the request of the client!

If you have lost the keys to your safe and need to open the lock, or if you need to make a duplicate set of keys for your car, please contact us! Our specialists will complete the job in the shortest time possible, and we in our turn guarantee its quality. We are client-oriented, so the prices of our services will definitely surprise you.