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Screwdrivers for cylindrical locks

There's something new every day.

The arsenal of a good car mechanic or an employee of a firm dealing with emergency opening of apartment doors should have a variety of tools. During practice there are unexpected and non-standard situations, including those that require forceful methods of solution. Therefore, among other set to buy and svertysh for locks.

Vandalism method
The use of a svertysh from a locksmith's point of view - this is a real barbarism. However, sometimes there is simply no other way out.

Rough break-in is necessary if the apartment is supposed to be seriously ill person in a critical condition. There is no time to find a master key for the cylindrical locks, so you have to resort to "hard" methods. It takes a few seconds to twist the "licking pin".
The screwdriver for the cylindrical lock is also useful when the locking mechanism has been damaged by the amateurish actions of a non-professional. The lock will still need to be replaced, but the tool used for breaking the locks will save the door panel and hinges.
Locksmiths are not very fond of using a "twist". Firstly, this is rude and considered not very professional. Secondly, modern cylinder locks from reputable manufacturers have protection against such hacking: the shank of the deadbolt is made of fragile metal, its teeth are broken, but not the leading elements, and the door remains locked.

However, such protection is focused on burglars, who have both self-made tools and limited time to spare. Master emergency door openers have quality lock picks and the ability to continue their activities, so they cope with the task.

Besides, it makes sense to buy a twist for the cylindrical lock also because cheap locking mechanisms are often put on the door, they are not secured. And the outdated options are not so rare.

As for the emergency opening of vehicles, it is a smart move to buy svertyshki for cars. Not the newest models on the roads is still driving plenty, a number of manufacturers on the "budget" puts not the best mechanisms - a rough break-in is quite in demand.

Operating Principle
Screwdriver for the cylindrical lock is a blanks, made for the key, but with a thicker rod, always with one "bit". The straight end is fitted with a handle that acts as a swivel lever. The twist is hammered into the hole and twisted with the lever in the direction of the opening. The pins and codes are broken, thus putting the lock out of action. The deadbolt goes into the "open" position, you can get into your home or car. But in the near future you will need to worry about buying a new lock and finding a craftsman to install it for you.

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