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Data processing

Hereby I, hereinafter - the "Subject of Personal Data", in accordance with the Law of Ukraine from 01.06.2010 № 2297-VI "On Protection of Personal Data" (as amended) of free will and in his interest, give my consent to the FLP (hereinafter - "online store", address: medvejatnik. on the processing of my personal data provided by filling the online form on the site of Internet-shop Medvejatnik, and agree with the privacy policy online store Medvejatnik.

By personal data I mean any information pertaining to me as a subject of Personal Data, including my full name, name, address, education, profession, contact details (phone, fax, e-mail, mailing address), photos, other information. By processing of personal data I mean the collection, systematization, accumulation, clarification, update, modification, use, distribution, transfer, including cross-border, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, indefinite storage), and any other actions (operations) with personal data.

Processing of Personal Data Subject Personal Data is carried out solely for the purpose of registration subject of Personal Data in the database online store with subsequent submission to the Subject of Personal Data mailings and SMS-notices, including promotional content, from the online store, its affiliates and / or subcontractors, newsletters and information, invitations to events online store and other information advertising and news content, as well as to confirm the identity of the Subject P

The date of issue of consent to the processing of Personal Data Subject's personal data is the date of filling in the web-form from the Web-site of the Internet-shop.

Processing of Personal Data of the Subject of Personal Data can be performed with the means of automation and / or without the use of automation in accordance with applicable legislation of Ukraine and the internal regulations online store.

Online store takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures or ensures their adoption for the protection of personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, supply, distribution of personal data, as well as from other unlawful acts in respect of personal data, as well as undertakes to maintain confidentiality of personal data Subjects of Personal Data. The online store has the right to engage subcontractors for the processing of Personal Data subject, and also has the right to transfer personal data for processing to its affiliates, while ensuring that such subcontractors and affiliates undertake appropriate obligations to the confidentiality of personal data.

Personal data is processed until the individual unsubscribes from advertising and newsletters. Also processing of personal data may be terminated at the request of the subject of personal data. Personal data recorded on paper is stored in accordance with the laws and regulations in the field of archiving and archival storage.

Consent may be withdrawn by the subject of personal data or his representative by sending an application via e-mail In case of revocation of the consent to process personal data by the subject of personal data or his/her representative, FLP may continue processing of personal data without the consent of the subject of personal data, if the grounds specified in the Law ¹ 2297-VI "On Protection of Personal Data" dated 01.06.2010.

I am aware that:
this consent to the processing of my personal data completed using the Site is valid for a period of twenty (20) years from the date of completion of the web forms on the Site of the Online Store;
the consent can be withdrawn by me on the basis of a written application in any form;
submitting of personal data of the third parties without their consent entails responsibility according to the current legislation of Ukraine.