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Signal jammers

There's something new every day.

Signal jammers, also popularly known as cell phone jammers, are devices that are used to create interference. Why are they needed, and how does it work that nothing else around here works?

Permits and Prohibitions
Today, probably everyone can buy and use an acoustic cellular signal suppressor.

This modern equipment is also used in terms of customer protection. It works on a different principle than the jammer for the radio signal. And it generates the appropriate sound, which drowns out conversations, making it impossible to record, filter or listen to them live.
This device is also very effective against directional, seismic and laser microphones. It can cope with listening to GSM mobile conversations, all classic and software voice recorders on phones and any type of "bedbugs".
However, it looks useless in front of GPS locators, which do not listen, but transmit location information by radio.
Many people ask: Why can not everyone buy a signal jammer? Imagine a situation where a person tries to call an "ambulance" for an accident, but cannot because one of the cars standing in traffic has such a jammer on. Another situation: the opening of gates, shutters or the operation of, for example, wireless keyboard and mouse in the neighbor's apartment can be blocked. Given the potential damage that can be caused by the use of a radio jammer, the banning of certain tools for a safecracker seems quite justified.

Where to purchase and how much does it cost?
If you are interested in this topic, contact the staff at Bearcatcher Services. We remind you that you can buy suppressors, decoders, universal picklocks and other modern high-tech equipment in our online store.

How much does a cell phone jammer cost? Depending on the complexity of the device, the price for cell phone jammer may vary from 8500 to several tens of thousands UAH (see the catalog on our official website, there are many interesting for you purchase options).

You can make a request and pay for the product in any form convenient for you. Delivery of jammers of cellular signal is carried out in Kiev and its surroundings, as well as all over Ukraine.

If communication has become problematic for various reasons, you can always block it. The jammer of a mobile signal works very effectively. What should you try to jam? You will be able to choose narrow as well as wide bandwidth, which corresponds, for example, only to GPS signals. The devices generate waves that are pre-programmed at a certain frequency. Result: In this way, other equipment within a given band will only pick up these signals. Many modern services also use this type of equipment in various situations.