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Locks in safes are the first and most important protection against unauthorized access to the contents. When choosing a depository for documents and valuables - in the office or for home use - the first thing we pay attention to is its security. But what should you do if your safe does not open or is blocked? It is worth knowing how to handle it, how to open it and what to do in case of emergency. This is where safe lock picks come in. What are the different types of devices? How do I open a safe with an electronic lock? Why do I need a key duplicator? Such questions are often asked by users.

Why do I need a lock pick for a safe?
Locks with a mechanical key are some of the easiest. They are also considered fail-safe. Unfortunately, sometimes the key can be bent or damaged. Sometimes it also happens that a foreign body gets into the lock. How to open it in case of such failures?

First of all, keep calm. Probably do without calling a locksmith. Carefully examine the key and check it for debris. If it is crooked, try straightening it out a bit. If that doesn't work, use a lock pick for the safe.

Locksmith Help
If you have lost or seriously damaged your key, the help of a locksmith will be indispensable. An experienced locksmith has the knowledge and tools you need for an emergency break-in. Turn to our emergency locksmith service. In our online store you can also buy a self-impression key, as well as buy a hobbs lock picker or a set key for the safe.

Safety first of all
A mechanical lock with a handle is a secure solution. Many people, despite knowing the code, cannot open a lock. This is due to the fact that entering the code must be very precise. There are 100 divisions on the dial. All you have to do is make a mistake in typing one code and you won't open the door again. Consider whether this is really a good choice for you if you plan to open the safe often.

Do you have a safe at home with an electronic lock? You will learn how to open it and use it in the included instructions. However, if you have lost the remote, electronic decoders can help you. Programming a new code is easy and takes literally a minute. Remember to always set and change the code when the door is open.

Can I open the safe without knowing the code? The number of available encryption combinations makes it almost impossible. If you don't know the code and don't have the key, you should call emergency service and have the help of a qualified locksmith.

You can try to open the safe yourself. However, keep in mind that you may damage the lock mechanism. If you are willing to take the risk, you can use a decoder. This device works great for simple electronic locks.

Where to buy one?
We remind you that in case of an emergency, you can buy lock picks for safes in Kiev in our online store "Medvezhatnik". At our web-site you will find a large catalog of the corresponding products. Please apply and choose what you need.