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Manufacture and selection of keys in Kiev

Discount system for large orders!!!

We offer a wide range of services that will make your life more comfortable:

Manufacture and selection of keys in Kiev
Keys are an accessory and an attribute that no user can do without nowadays. Key making is a delicate process, every detail is important, because the slightest deviation and you will not be able to open your car or house door. That is why you should turn to specialists for making keys.

If you are living in Darnitsa or Holosiivskiy district of Kiev and suddenly noticed that you lost a bunch of keys, it is not a problem. Key making in Kiev, that's what we do, and that's what we can offer you! Our key shop in Kiev can offer the following services:

Key making for the intercom
Making immobilizer key
Making apartment keys
In addition to these services we can offer manufacturing of key for the lock or making of duplicates of keys, if you do not have enough. You should get a high quality product which is guaranteed to serve you for a long time. But why are we special?

Precision and Quality
To engage in the manufacture and creation of car key chains with a chip in Kiev is not enough just a desire, you need skill. Our staff are experienced craftsmen, and to create products, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, using advanced equipment. All this allows us to guarantee the highest quality products made by us.

Despite the fact that now to find a company to produce key chains with a chip is not difficult, to find true professionals is extremely difficult. This can largely be explained by the variety of locks and equipment. Our company has qualified specialists and professional equipment which allows us to produce key chains with chips for all the currently active locks. So if you need manufacturing car keys with chip in Obolonsky or Svyatoshinsky regions of Kiev - please contact us!

Urgently need a duplicate in Kiev? - Please, contact us.
It often happens that you urgently need to produce a duplicate set of keys to your apartment or garage, because you are planning to go on vacation, or someone needs to water the flowers, or look after the car. In this situation, quickly find a craftsman is difficult, but turning to us you can get your keyring with a chip in the shortest possible time. Our team is working not one but several artists, which provides our customers with quick results and minimum expectation of necessary duplicates.

Professional production of key chains with a chip requires masters of specialized equipment. Because we decided to buy a machine for keyring production - we can provide our customers with the highest quality products. Manufacturing keychains chip on the car, as well as for modern residential locks, requires filigree accuracy, and we can provide it.

Discount System
In today's world keys are an integral part of the contents of your purse or backpack. Apartment, car, garage, office keys are all easy to lose and due to the complexity of modern locks it is hard to make a duplicate. We understand how easy it is to lose them, and therefore offer our customers a system of discounts.

You are a car key maker and you are interested in manufacturing car keys, or you need to make duplicates of the key to your new office - we will be happy to help you! For large orders for production in our company has a special system of discounts, about which you can learn by contacting our manager or by visiting our studio in Kiev. 

If you have any questions please contact us by phone or email. Our service points are open at any convenient time and place for you, and suggestions for picking up the lock in Kiev are addressed to both individual and business customers. Our services are immediate, the result is at the highest level, and the service is always at the ready.