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Самоимпрессия (Италия)

There's something new every day.

Self-impression - this is the name of the method in which the keys to the locks are made using a specific design. Its components are mobile. They gradually shift and as a result completely coincide with the codes of the produced key. Buy lock picks for doors - a necessary step for owners of apartments, houses, cottages and vehicles. This prevents and corrects many embarrassing and critical life situations associated with the theft, loss, breakage of the key.

What do we offer

You can buy a master key of self-impression here, on the site "Bearbear". Our online store is focused on the general consumer and small businesses. Buyers can purchase only the most technologically advanced equipment - it is fully tested by our experts and is ready for use (nothing complicated, anyone can figure it out, because the instructions are attached). You can buy Italy self-impression picks, decoders, and much, much more. And immediately use this toolkit, if urgently required.

A bit of history

The phrase Self-impression can be translated as "self-imprint". The "self-setting" technique has been used relatively recently for emergency opening of lever locks. Sometimes such a key is called "Bulgarian". According to one version, it was in Bulgaria that this method of opening was invented. A dozen years ago, of course, when it came to quality, and not about handicraft, it was possible to buy self-impressive master keys only abroad. Designs "from Samodelkin" are too rough and short-lived. Today the situation has changed radically and you can buy a self-impression key with the help of the Network at an adequate cost. For example, we have, in the online store "Bearbear".

How it works

This key is an imitation of the original. It is a metal rod where movable pins are inserted in a perpendicular manner. They slide along the rod, and if you methodically repeat the scrolling in the lock, then in the end they completely duplicate the original profile. The dimensions of the core of this master key are slightly smaller than the diameter of the main key. In this case, the number of pins must correspond to the number of elements of the lock code. What makes them adapt?

Each lever in the castle must be raised to the desired height. This allows the bolt to move, unlocking the doors. Self-impression at the beginning makes an effort - the bolt rests. This helps to raise the levers to the maximum, blocking the mechanism. Next, the master key is rotated - the levers in the lock adjust to the movable pins of the “key” being made. As a result, they come to the right position - thus a copy is obtained.

Where to buy

You can buy self-impression master keys on our website. Our prices don't bite. Our managers are always kind to customers. Our consultants will answer any questions you may have 7/24. To purchase, just fill out the form in the online store and pay for the goods in any way convenient for you. Here you can buy master keys for cylinder locks and other necessary and modern products.