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Key making machines

There's something new every day.

Buying key making machines is an effective and modern idea, one of those that can come to mind for a small business owner or a person who dreams of self-employment. This is a good opportunity to start a small but stable profit business. The so-called "tool for the bearer" is relatively inexpensive today, and with a certain amount of success and the desire to work for yourself rather than for hire, you can open a locksmith shop. This kind of service is always in demand. Investments are not too great. Need a duplicator of keys, as well as supplies - various blanks and other related materials.

What we offer our customers
If you are already the owner of a locksmith shop, a vertical key maker and other modern devices of such a plan will greatly expand your capabilities to provide a wide range of services, increase efficiency, quality and speed of processing orders, expand the customer base. And so, in the end, increase the profitability of business. This is exactly the kind of equipment offered to your attention by the online store "Medvezhatnik".

Here you can always buy machines for making keys of different variants:

universal, for the manufacture of a variety of: English flat (apartment), car, safe, garage;
Vertical, for automobile - different types, as well as Mul-T-Lock;
duplicators intercom key;
master keys for safes locks.
Machines for the production of keys defu
They are effectively used to provide a wide range of locksmith services. Mostly - it is the production of keys for cars and apartments. Less common is to make duplicates for office safes and garage doors. Separately supplied is a device for entryway intercoms.

The design of equipment provides high accuracy, speed, ease of execution of the order. Adjustable tool pressure with a lock, smooth movement of the working table allows you to work even with little or no experience. The devices have a compact structure. They are characterized by long service life and high efficiency, as well as - a very competitive price. The machines are factory-packaged and supplied with the appropriate accessories. DEFU key machines are precisely adjusted before leaving the factory and can be used immediately after being switched on.

What can be copied
Apartment keys of various types - single and double-sided.
Flat car keys of imported and domestic profile.
Cross-shaped - for apartments and garages.
Flat keys for padlocks.
Keys for lockers, furniture and rolled keys.
Why buy from us?
Online store "Bear" gives its customers a number of advantages:

low prices;
convenient delivery from a warehouse in Kiev and Ukraine;
all equipment is pre-tested and adjusted - you bought it and you can immediately start earning!