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Store tools and lock picks Bearcatcher

Professional tools for opening locks, security equipment, self-defense tools and many other products of the highest quality at affordable prices from the manufacturer. We make keys for you, provide a full range of services for emergency opening locks or learn to open the locks themselves.

"Medvezhatnik" in Ukraine is the largest online site with a huge range of professional tools for opening a variety of locks:

  • self-impression keys for opening the locking mechanism;
  • universal speedwalkers keys;
  • automatic locks with decoder (lishi 2 in 1) for reliable protection and personal access to valuables;
  • machines and tools for key making;
  • all kinds of lock picks and decoders;
  • tools for emergency opening of locks and safes;
  • tools for opening car locks;
  • frames flip-flops and much more.
  • Here you can buy lock picks made of high-strength materials that will help to open any door without any difficulty. The range includes both individual tools and complete sets for opening locks.

This tool will help you to cope with any lock: car, safe, garage lock, with door lock of any complexity and atypical manufacturing. Keyless locks will cease to be your problem.

That it was easier and more convenient to buy picks, decoders, mufflers and any other goods you like, we have developed a convenient catalog, which contains all the necessary information about the product: the description, characteristics, price, etc. On the page of the chosen product there are photos of the general plan and detailed explanations of separate elements for detailed visual acquaintance with the product.

"Bearcatcher" is for those who want to develop their own business!

As our experience shows, the ability to open locks is required in many different areas. Whether you work in a car repair shop, do locksmith work, or are a novice LockMaster (a specialist in opening and repairing locks), we teach you how to open locks neatly and without damage. Not only do we have a locksmith's store, but we also offer special training courses.

At our courses you will receive the basic knowledge and skills to work with professional tools, you will learn how to open different types of locks. This knowledge and skills can be a launching pad for your professional development. Open a key shop or lock repair service to get a high and stable income, and you will always be able to buy high-quality professional "tools for the bearer" from us.

In addition, we offer a range of equipment, tools and materials for shoe repair:

  • repair machines;
  • stretching machines;
  • shoemaking sewing machines;
  • pads;
  • tripods, etc.

We can help you open any door!

Almost every one of us has faced the problem of having to open a lock without keys. If you forgot your house or apartment key, left your car keys in the car, and the central lock has already worked, forgot the password from your own safe, or find yourself in another difficult situation, "Bearcatcher" will definitely help you and open the right door or door.

We will solve your problem quickly and accurately, without breaking the door and damaging the locks, using professional picks. You can buy a decoder for your car or other modern devices.

In addition, we offer services for the selection and manufacture of keys of any complexity. A locked door and losing your key will no longer be a problem if you ask us for help!

Best conditions for cooperation

"Medvezhatnik" from Kiev delivers goods all over Ukraine. We accept orders from all cities and towns of our country, as well as from near and far abroad countries, offering convenient forms of payment and delivery, as well as favorable conditions for long-term cooperation.

Study our catalog, choose the products you like and order everything you need. To make an order, please contact our managers by phone, on social networks or put the goods into the "cart" and place your order online on our website.