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Hydraulic tool

There's something new every day.

Productivity of work, both in production and at home, depends not only on the experience and skills of the worker himself, but also - to a very large extent - on the equipment used. For example, a bear trap tool is very relevant for service stations and companies that are engaged in emergency opening of locks. And it may come in handy for purely domestic purposes. Buying a hydraulic tool is a smart move for the builder, mechanic, farmer or handyman. Hydraulic models - the latest generation of tools and devices that guarantee maximum productivity with minimal physical effort.

Wide assortment
The market for modern hydraulic tools is extremely diverse. You can find the right device for every domestic or industrial task. For private users, the hand-held hydraulic tools are in particular demand. They have very attractive characteristics.

There is no need to buy an additional pumping station.
The equipment is characterized by its small size, which facilitates its storage.
The tools usually have a modest weight, which means they can be used in the absence of a partner.
What else attracts the manual hydraulic tools is the price. It is significantly lower than that of stationary models. Although the power of "home" devices is still lower.
Rescue hydraulic tools deserve special attention. Its main purpose is to liquidate the consequences of various force majeure situations such as fires, accidents, rockslides, etc. The main advantage of such devices is the ability to function in any climate, at extremely low and very high ambient temperatures.

However, such equipment is also useful in more ordinary circumstances. Thus, it is necessary to buy a hydraulic rescue tool for repair and construction companies, which often deal with emergency structures - hydraulics greatly simplifies the process of their dismantling. Certain types of tools are optimal when used at service stations, focused on the disassembly of emergency vehicles.

Home craftsmen in recent years are also increasingly choosing hydraulic tools for their purposes - it allows you to perform the assigned task faster, better quality and without the inevitable fatigue at the end of the work.

How to choose
All variants of "hydraulics" have an extremely high efficiency. However, in order not to overpay for extra functionality, when choosing, rely on a number of important criteria.

The purpose of the tool.
Its complete set: it should include everything you need, but there should not be anything that you are unlikely to need.
Type of drive. For local tasks, manual is enough, for large-scale tasks a pump is needed.
Fluid supply and pressure rating.
If you have difficulty choosing, please contact our consultants. In the online store "Bear" you can not only buy a lock pick, but also competently replenish your stock of hydraulic tools.