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Frame shifters

There's something new every day.

License plate frames are plastic structures that have one important role - to secure the license plates and protect them from loss and theft. This is if we are talking about simple bodies. But there are license plate flip-flops - special designs with motors. They are activated by battery-operated remote controls. And also by pressing a button, hidden inside the car.

The mechanism rotates the plate and in its place appears another registration plate. You can buy a shifter car in Kiev in our online store. Here you can also buy a decoder for your car and other technical devices.

When you need it?
In some situations, the use of such devices with a mechanism is legal and necessary.

Shifter frames are installed on special cars of various services.
Such designs are used on vehicles that participate in rallies, as well as other events related to professional sports.
Reversible license plate frame - it can be seen, for example, on a car participating in shows and auto shows.
The flip-up license plate frame also protects the car's license plate itself to some extent in terms of theft. Sometimes drivers who tend to leave their personal vehicles in unguarded areas buy such equipment. In a forced parking instead of the regular car license plate is scrolled panel with a drawn black stripe.
Function and installation
This is a very successful solution - and it does not affect the appearance of the car. However, on its own, the shifter does not solve all the problems. Improperly selected or attached, it can lead to additional costs. If we do not notice the loss, but it does not escape the attention of the police - we will have to pay a fine. Keep in mind that the loss of a license plate takes the car out of circulation until a new one appears. That's why it's so important to trust the installation of the shifter to specialists at a service station you know well.

How to choose and where to buy?
Frames made of polystyrene or other plastic are a good solution because they are resistant to external factors - they are not corroded by rain water or slush with road salt. They are quite easy to attach to the body. When choosing such a license plate frame, order the most reliable and modern device. Pay attention to the distance between the holes in the frame, so that it is universal and suitable for different brands of cars on the market. Thanks to this, you will not need to do a lot of additional drilling during installation. This avoids damage to the car body, which not only affects the aesthetics, but also avoids rusting of unpainted sheet metal in places of possible drilling.

You can buy flip frames in Ukraine in our online store "Medvezhatnik" in Kiev. To do this, you need to go to the official website and leave your application there by browsing the catalog of devices.