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Footwear repair equipment

There's something new every day.

Shoe fashions change as often as clothing fashions. At the same time, shoes, boots and boots cost more than dresses and pants, so owners try to treat shoes with care and repair them as long as the pair looks presentable. In addition, there are not too few people who are looking for handmade shoes: either they want an exclusive, or the size is too big/small, or the foot is non-standard configuration. So the profession of shoemaker will always be in demand. Moreover, the work is greatly facilitated by equipment for making and repairing shoes.

Uniform shoes and boots
In the workshop will be badly needed machine for stretching shoes: buy it should be almost in the first place, because with a request to change the size of a pair of people turn very often. Someone liked the model, but did not have the right size. Someone has a wide foot - and it's cheaper to stretch than to sew from scratch. You can, of course, work the old-fashioned way, but with a machine stretching is faster, more even and professional.

Specialized equipment makes the work of a modern shoemaker less monotonous, time-consuming and harmful to the body. However, there are a lot of varieties of machines. Before equipping your workshop, you need to decide exactly what you need. In principle, all machines can be divided into two groups.

Equipment designed for certain works: milling, polishing, cutting, grinding, etc.
Universal equipment. It is multifunctional and equipped with everything you need for complex operations. Including nodes that perform basic types of repairs are built into it.
If, according to your estimates, the main focus of your activity will have to repair, it would be better to buy a machine for shoe repair. Let the multi-functional equipment and significantly more expensive, due to the maximum range of works it will pay back the investment quickly enough.

Sewing component
You will necessarily need a shoe sewing machine. Here, too, will have to choose depending on the sphere of activity. Industry offers two types of such equipment.

Column machines. An optimal variant if the workshop is engaged mainly in sewing: columnar variant allows to make any shoes from boots to children's slippers - plus gives an opportunity to sew bags, cases, suitcases, purses, etc.
Sleeve machines. Especially widely used in shoe repair work, but also for sewing provide ample opportunities.
Where to buy
The best - in our company, in our store of tools for opening locks "Bearman". The equipment offered here for making and repairing shoes is characterized by a number of positive qualities.

A long warranty.
Operational safety.
Smooth operation.
Power saving.
High efficiency.
Easy operation.
Perfect quality and high accuracy of all manipulations.
And most importantly, those who are interested in equipment for shoe repair, the prices in our online store will certainly please. Here you can also buy machines for making keys and other modern devices.