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The specialists call the self-impression a gentle method of opening the locks, which allows you to avoid replacing the locking mechanism and the more so, the door leaf. Any self-respecting craftsman working in the organization rendering services at the loss or breaking of the key from the lock considers it necessary to buy picklocks with selaimpression.

Brief theoretical information
The method of self-impression comes down to the use of special devices which, when placed in the keyhole, take the form capable of opening the locking mechanism. This requires the use of self-impression picks, also referred to as a self-setting or Bulgarian key.

The tool looks like a rod, the cross section of which is slightly smaller than the diameter of the rod of the "native" key, which opens the particular model of locking mechanism. The rod is equipped with movable elements. During the opening operation of the lock, they are in contact with its code elements (pins, pins, suvalds). These parts are movable, but do not hang freely, the elements are displaced only during the load applied to the self-impression key. The pressure must be smooth and gradual, only then do the pins end up exactly matching the code of the particular locking mechanism.

On the opposite side of the pins of the self-impression lock pick is its handle, which allows the operator to work the tool as accurately as possible.

It is worth mentioning that the self-impression for suvald locks requires certain skills in handling the tool. It is also necessary to understand the mechanism of the locking mechanism and to know the peculiarities of all the models you come across in practice. And the Bulgarian key is not a universal one: if you need an impression tool for the locks, you have to buy the whole set for different types of locking mechanisms.

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Self-impression, which we offer you to buy, is made of steel of the highest class. The same metal is used to produce very strong parts for helicopters, so you can not worry that the tool will not last long and will break during the first use.
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