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Metal detectors

There's something new every day.

Not so long ago, metal detectors were in demand mainly among extreme people, whose hobby - treasure hunting. Now they want to buy a metal detector in Kiev, and people with other hobbies, for domestic purposes and improve the safety of life - their own and their loved ones. The intentions are the most positive, but to make their implementation was successful, it is first necessary to understand what are these devices and which of them will suit you better than others. All these products you can buy in the store of tools for opening locks "Bearman".

Classification .
Before you buy a metal detector, orient yourself in what environment and with what purposes you will use it.

According to the areas of application there are differentiated:

ground devices: used in the overland search for metal fragments;
underwater devices: effective under water, when surveying the bottom of reservoirs;
amphibious metal detectors are universal, they can be used both on land and in water.
There are also inspection metal detectors, both manual and stationary (frame), but they are only relevant for law enforcement officers.

In addition, these devices are divided into groups and according to their complexity and sensitivity: amateur (the cheapest metal detectors), advanced (they can be called semi-professional) and professional. Naturally, the increase in class directly affects the price.

Principles of Choice
Most often, consumers need a small handheld metal detector, which somewhat narrows the range. And yet still when buying a detector, you need to consider a number of important parameters.

Let's list the main ones.

Search depth. Soil metal detectors successfully cope with the detection of small elements on the surface and under the soil layer of 50 cm (roughly, the characteristic can vary depending on the manufacturer and model). Larger fragments are detected at a maximum depth of one meter. If you're interested in exploring more than 100 cm, study deep metal detectors.
Discrimination. That is, the ability of the device to distinguish between finds on the type of metal. It greatly simplifies the work with the metal detector, but also increases its cost. The thinner the discrimination, the more expensive the device.
Pinpoint function. In its absence the detector gives a signal when the searched object is somewhere near, in a radius of 30-50 cm. If it is present, the device beeps when it is directly above the object. Consequently, the search is accelerated, and the extraction of finds can be carried out without damaging it.
Among the important parameters acquired detector can also include its light weight, compactness of the working part (especially important when working in the woods), tightness and ease of adjustment.

Where to buy?
If you need to buy a metal detector in Kharkov, Kiev or any other city in Ukraine, please contact the company "Medvezhatnik. We have all models, before buying you can conduct a test-drive, and our consultants will advise you on the technical characteristics of the device - to select the optimal model for your purpose. Prices are low, delivery is fast and convenient for the buyer. With us you can buy lock picks and other tools for emergency opening.