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TOPOLINO Cisa Asix decoder
TOPOLINO Cisa Asix decoder
Medvejatnik Lockmaster Store

TOPOLINO Cisa Asix decoder

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Decoder+impression for Cisa Asix cylinder locks
Topolino decoders occupy a special place among professional locksmith tools. The Cisa Asix decoder from the new TOPOLINO range is an innovative model with independent sliding pins.

The new version of the Cisa Asix decoders has been developed specifically for reading the code of the Cisa Asix cylinder locks. An important factor for the correct operation of the tool is the direction of tension, as well as the force to be exerted in the work. It should be understood that the tool does not belong to the category of force. It is easy and comfortable to work with it, but some professional knowledge and skills are required.

The price of the decoder in the store "Bear" is quite democratic, we cooperate with proven manufacturers and suppliers, not overpaying for the goods.

In our store you can also buy a decoder for other locks made in Italy, Turkey, China, etc.

Features of the tool
The decoder is simple enough to use but it is not universal for all types of locks. It is designed specifically for the emergency unlocking of the line of cylinder brand locks, and in this case its effectiveness is unmatched.

Each pin is "pumped" until the desired depth is reached. One more important point: any twisted or broken pin can be easily replaced by a new (spare) one.

Our store offers a huge range of tools for locksmiths and locksmiths. Locksmiths, crimps, impressions, decoders for Mul-t-lock 7x7, Calais, and other locks. It's easy to buy an ISEO R6 decoder and any other product at Medvezhatnik. We have developed a convenient order form (including mobile version), and offer customers a variety of forms of payment and delivery. For wholesale customers we provide discounts.

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TOPOLINO Cisa Asix decoder
19,800 UAH
19,800 UAH

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