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Metal Detector Minelab X-Terra 505

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Weight 1.3kg,Powered by 4 AAA batteries
Minelab X-Terra 505 metal detector allows you to search at three frequencies 3, 7.5 or 18.75 kHz (depending on the coil used).

Available additional 7 coils for any type of search. Improved Tuning-out function (ground balance), an increased range of values from 0 to 50 allows you to fine-tune the metal detector to the ground.

In addition, there is the possibility of automatic adjustment from the ground and a separate mode "beach" to search for "salty" beaches. The user can save up to 3 personal search programs; separately placed on the control panel button AM (All Metal) allows you to quickly switch to "All Metal" mode.

Added sensitivity threshold (background tone), as on the older models Minelab X-Terra (from -5 to +25). Expanded the scale of segments determining the type of metal on the updated Minelab X-Terra 505 scale of discrimination consists of 19 segments (from -9 to +48 in increments of 3). Another significant improvement is the ability to set 1-2-3-4 tones or multitone (19 tones). All the saved search parameters now will not disappear when you change the batteries.

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Metal Detector Minelab X-Terra 505
11,800 UAH
11,800 UAH

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