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Skorokhod mini
Skorokhod mini
Medvejatnik Lockmaster Store

Skorokhod mini

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Skorokhod Mini for Chinese cylinder locks with key-rotary system
Among the range of picklocks, the Skorokhod is widely considered a functional tool to open cylindrical locks. To have a Skorohod lock pick in your tool kit means to be able to easily open the lock if you have lost the main key and can not find the spare one. The tool is quite simple but very effective for emergency opening of the lock.

Skorohod Mini is a universal picklocking tool, with the help of which you can easily open the Chinese cylindrical locks equipped with the key-key system. This pick has a constructive feature, which is found exactly in the Chinese locks. It is to be noted that today such locks are widely used for their installation at entrance doors of houses, apartments, offices and industrial buildings. Everyone can buy a lock pick at "Medvezhatnik".

The best prices for lock picks in the online store "Medvezhatnik".
The price of the picklock Skorohod mini is quite democratic for a tool with such functionality. Having this lock pick in your tool kit, you can be sure that it will quickly and easily cope with the lock.

Online store "Medvezhatnik" you can buy a lock picker at the best prices in Ukraine. Here in a large range offers a variety of tools for opening locks from simple lock picks to autodecoders. Store gets the goods from reliable and trusted suppliers, so you can guarantee high quality of each product.

Skorokhody need to buy anyone who is professionally engaged in the emergency opening of locks. This is a handy and easy-to-use tool that does not require high skills. Basic knowledge and skills, which can be obtained at the courses of locksmiths, will be sufficient for the work.

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Skorokhod mini
310 UAH
310 UAH

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