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Kale Kale two-row (Old Profile)

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Impression for Kale Old Profile Cylinder Lock
Supplied with 1 pcs impression key, 1 pc foil form, 0.7mm sheet foil.

Door locks of Turkish brand Kale have rather high security features. It is almost impossible to find a key to them. The price for Kale locks is quite reasonable, what makes them very popular especially when hammering into a metal entrance door.

Those, who are engaged in the emergency opening of doors, know that it is not so easy to open the locks of Kale not to damage the lock. It takes a special tool to make a copy of the key. To open the old profile Kale double-row lock will help pickpick-impress, which is offered to your attention. Kale lock pickpick will help you in a situation where you need to quickly and without mechanical damage to the door to open the lock Kale. This is a tool that every locksmith needs.

How to use the Kale double-row picklock pick (old profile)
The work of the pick-impression is that the billet designed for this purpose is turned with a certain force to open the door lock Kale. After that the pick is extracted from the keyhole. The characteristic traces (contact points) left after the plungers have come into contact with the grooves of the key can be seen on the blank. At these points it is necessary to grind the height to the required parameters. Thus a copy of the factory key is made and the lock is opened.

The method of making a copy of the key for Kale door locks requires a certain experience and craftsmanship, so before you start working, you should get the basic skills of working with the tool.

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Kale Kale two-row (Old Profile)
4,000 UAH
4,000 UAH

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