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Impression Securemme K22


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Impression tool for emergency opening of the Securemme K22 cylinder lock
Supplied with 1pc impression key,1pc impression handle,1pc foil mold,0.5mm sheet foil

Italian locks are widespread due to their quality, reliability and security. Particularly popular are Securemme K22 door cylinders. This tool has been developed specially for emergency opening of this type of locks.

It allows you to open the lock quickly (within two minutes) without damaging the door or the frame. However, you should not think that anyone can work with the tool. You need not only the knowledge of the Italian brand locks, but also the skills of working with impressions.

You can buy Securemme K22 cylinders in Ukraine today at very favorable prices. They are installed on the entrance doors of houses, offices and apartments. We offer inexpensive self impression of high quality for this type of locks.

Peculiarities of Securemme Evo K22 Locks Impressions
The Securemme K22 Impression tool for emergency opening of Italian cylindrical locks allows you to quickly and effectively cope with the locking device.

The tool is supplied in a set:

Impression key - 1 piece.
Handle for impression - 1 pc.
Foil mold - 1 pc.
Sheet foil 0,5 mm thick (recommended for Securemme K22 Evo locks).
If you do not have enough experience in recoding keys, before you start working with the Securemme Evo K22, we suggest you take a locksmith course to get the necessary skills.

In the online store "Bearcatcher" you will find a wide range of tools that locksmiths, car mechanics, and locksmiths need. We always have picklocks for IFAM, KALE, ISEO R6 door and car locks on sale. Their reviews let other buyers judge the high quality of our products.

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Impression Securemme K22
6,000 UAH
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